Walker Canyon Trail

The heavy rain in Southern California brought flooded streets but left us with gorgeous blooms. One such location was Walker Canyon Trail in Lake Elsinore. We had read about this trail on social media with groups of photo enthusiasts flocking to see the hillside of vibrant colors of yellow, orange, and purple. We made the hour drive on this beautiful Sunday morning and got to the parking at 8 am. There were already rows of cars ahead of us but we manage to find parking further out.

This is a dirt trail with some rocks and a little bit of incline. Good for all levels of hikers and pups but definitely wear appropriate shoes, put on sunblock, and bring plenty of water. If you want to do this trail, come early for parking and better temperature as there is little shade. Respect the environment and clean up after your pups.

Photo credit: Phoenix Nguyen
Photo credit: Phoenix Nguyen
Breathtakingly beautiful
Our three musketeers enjoying the nice weather and gorgeous blooms.
Photo credit: Phoenix Nguyen

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